Peace in Flowers

This might surprise you, but even evil scientists need to relax from time to time. That’s right, it’s not all destructor-rays and ‘take over the city’. At least, it isn’t for me. I find that planning and implementing these evil plans can be quite tiring. I don’t have the money for a holiday, so I usually spend my time off gardening.

Yes, that’s right. Dr Dark McBane, evil scientist extraordinaire, does gardening in his spare time. I’ve been planting a beautiful garden on top of my castle, filled with several different types of cyclamen. I’ve got white, pink, purple and red. They look so nice together. How could you not find a garden like that to be the most relaxing thing ever? On a nice sunny day, I’ll sit out there for hours, enjoying the beauty while reading the latest edition of Super V Magazine. It’s my hope to be featured in the magazine eventually because a lot of my acquaintances from the Training Academy have been in it lately. The Dirge was even in the recent edition with his own garden! There was a long piece titled “Peace in Flowers”, talking about his hobby of exclusively growing one type of bougainvillea. The thing is, when I emailed the magazine with practically the same story, they said that they, “are not interested in publishing stories about cyclamens.” Just my luck!

I don’t do gardening for fame or the features in my favourite magazine. The Dirge can keep his bougainvilleas. I’m perfectly happy growing cyclamens and keeping them to myself. Maybe I’ll even add a few different flowers. Roses, tulips, lilies, that sort of thing. Ultimately, I will put the flowers to use, of course. Once winter comes, I’ll grind up all of the flowers into my latest invention of mass destruction: the flower pedlar. It will release flower petals upon the city, covering it in a botanical layer so thick that it will cause a mass outbreak of hay-fever. Oh yes, I’m just that devious!