Meet the Team!

Currently, Blue Note is comprised of only two passionate people, but we expect that this number will massively increase once citizens of the world learn about the wonderful potential that lies in even a single sticky note.



Hello, I’m Gordon! I like sticky notes!

There are some other things I like, but mostly, I live for the crisp feeling of peeling off the adhesive of a sticky note, right after I’ve written something useful on it.

It’s the greatest feeling, and I want to share it with a world that sleeps in blissful ignorance.

Occasionally I also think about getting into knitting, and I like the idea of collecting novelty chess sets, someday.



Hello, I’m Gordon’s wife, Kathy.

I have no real interest in sticky notes, but I like Gordon having a hobby, because he otherwise has no friends and our marriage is devoid of passion.

When I’m not supporting my husband’s addiction, I’m doing normal, productive things with my life.