Rocky Bathroom Repairs

A meteor crashed into my mansion last week. Sounds crazy, right? I didn’t believe it either. I wasn’t home when it happened (I was visiting my third beach house on the coast), and neither was my family, or my team of over fifty maids and servants. My neighbour rang me in hysterics, screaming madly about something to do with a giant rock falling from the sky. It wasn’t until I spoke to the police later in the afternoon that I realised exactly what had happened. Most of my house was untouched, but I would definitely be needing a new bathroom. Luckily, I’m rich, so it was easy to give a quick call to one of the best bathroom renovations and repairs companies Melbourne has, and explain the unusual situation to them. They were so flummoxed that they decided to forgo the rest of their bookings and come down to check out the crash site that same day.

My house is the talk of the town – it’s receiving a lot of media attention, and it’s been really great publicity both for myself and for my small bird painting hobby business. Perhaps best of all is the fact that now I’m officially on the radar of some of the most elite socialites in Melbourne. I’ve received a number of direct messages from high-profile individuals over the past week, all wondering how my ensuite bathroom renovation was faring after what had happened. I’m planning to host a dinner party after it’s all fixed and invite a few of them over to really cement our new friendship. The repairs company has expedited the whole process due to my house’s high profile, but I’m still not sure how long it’s going to take. After all, the renovations are pretty extensive. I’m going to need a new shower, sink and toilet. I’ve chosen new lovely, sleek black tiles, and we’re going to update all the plumbing too. It’s an odd situation, but ultimately a very exciting time.