Studying for the Future

I am currently studying to become a support worker. Support work is something that I first considered taking up when I did this career test at school in year nine. It was designed to help us choose subjects for our senior years of schooling but it didn’t help me much because none of the subjects offered at my old school were related to becoming an NDIS provider. Because of that, it became really hard to do anything support work related until after I finished school. My parents wanted me to put off support work until after I had done a Bachelor’s degree but I decided to put my foot down and go to TAFE rather than university. It was such a good decision because now I’m halfway through one of several TAFE courses and in six months I’ll be able to enter the workforce soon.

The things I’ve learned so far have been so valuable. I know I’m going to draw on everything I learn here every day when I’m out in the real world. Important nursing training has been really good and so has general bedside manner training. I know what to do in a variety of situations and really do feel like after completing placement, I’ll be ready to become a part of community nursing in the Adelaide CBD. I’m really excited.

Despite all the doubts my parents initially had, they agree with me that I made the right decision going straight into support work. They can tell just how happy I am and I have proven in life-like class simulations that I can handle it when things get emotional or potentially go wrong. I think I’m going to be a really good support worker one day.

Once I finish my studies I think I am going to travel around Europe before I get into my career, just so that I can have a bit more life experience before I start work.