Wallpaper Disagreements

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter – but she’s getting on my last nerve. She is beautiful inside and out and has grown to become a strong, independent woman who will do herself proud for the years to come. I am certainly proud of who she is, how she’s grown and who she will be. The problem is, with her incredible independence and strong opinions, she tends to disagree with a lot of my actions. For example, I tried to install stylish dance wallpaper on every wall in our house because it reminded me of my childhood at the local dance studio, and my daughter wouldn’t have a bar of it.

She complained so much that I ended up having to change my mind and install ocean wallpaper instead. She was more receptive to the ocean wallpaper and didn’t act like a spoiled child which meant we could actually have a decent adult conversation about it afterwards. This was important to me and because she approached me in a measured and reasonable way, I was able to compromise with her and say that she could install Australian botanical wallpaper in her room so long as it doesn’t impact the appearance of the rest of the house. I didn’t accidentally lose my temper and tell her to move out, which is something I always regret after I open my mouth.

Once I get bored of the ocean wallpaper, I think I’ll change my home’s scenery by installing pretty butterfly wallpaper. In the Melbourne area, very few people have butterfly wallpaper throughout their entire house, which will be a nice selling point for my home when I’m ready to sell it. In all seriousness, when my daughter does decide to move out, I’ll downsize and sell my home. She’s twenty one now so I assume this will be within the next few years, but only time will tell. I’m looking forward to having some extra disposable income to decorate my house with.