Bandit’s Supplies

It’s going to be nice to get out of Sweden, Victoria for an afternoon. Seeing as Space Wizard and I won the previous challenge, we get to go for a drive to pick up some hardware for the next task. All the other contestants have to use the basic building supplies given by the producers, but we get to choose our own. That’s going to be a big advantage, especially since we’ve been given ten thousand dollars to choose supplies.

Right now we’re getting in the car to drive to the hardware store near Bentleigh. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing this blog post while driving. Using some magic, Space Wizard is going to type while I dictate, even though he’s stuck in a glass bottle, liquified by Archerak.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what we’ll be building in the next challenge since the producers didn’t give us that information. I figure we’ll get a little bit of everything. We can buy quite a lot with ten grand, I imagine. Maybe we should think about our priorities, though. I have to consider what I’d do first if I was looking for building supplies to buy. Cheltenham has good hardware stores, so I’d probably go there, and start with some bricks or maybe electrical supplies. Tools might be useful, too. There’s a lot we could get.

It’s important that we get this right. I think we’re winning Australia’s Next Top Office at the moment, so we need to keep performing. The judges were really impressed with our air conditioner, especially after Jack Zebraman cheated to build his one. The Dirge didn’t even install an air conditioner. Apparently he put a furnace in his office instead. Don’t get me started on Archer-

This is Space Wizard. Bandit and I have been caught in a firefight between two vicious forces. We crashed, and Bandit isn’t conscious. We need to get out of here! I could un-liquify myself, but that would take about an hour. Oh no, a group of fanatics in dark cloaks are approaching our car. They’ve grabbed Bandit, and now they’re grabbing my glass bottle as well. Help us!