I Love Fishing

I love fishing. That’s right, I love it so much. I know everything there is to know about fishing because it is a big hobby of mine. The biggest hobby, you might say. In fact, you could say that nobody is a bigger fishing hobbyist than I am. I am the biggest fishing hobbyist there is. On the weekend I take my water vehicle out into the deep waters and I put my fishing equipment in the water to lure in the fish. I’m such an infamous fishing person that the fish are probably scared of me whenever they see my water vehicle.

I like to tell everybody about how much I love fishing. For instance, I was getting some marine welding done the other day when I told the welder about how much I love fishing. No doubt I love fishing more than he does. I would fight anybody who claimed to like fishing more than me. That almost happened earlier this week. I went to the bank to withdraw some money (to buy more fishing things, of course) and the bank manager had a hat that read ‘I Love Fishing’. Obviously I couldn’t let everybody there think I was less of a fishing lover than him, so I stood on a table and loudly proclaimed to the entire bank that I love fishing more than anyone.

After my announcement, I was going to leave to pick up some snapper racks for sale, Melbourne being the type of place that sell such things. But the bank manager came over and politely asked me to get down from the table I stood on. I told him there was no chance as long as he wore that hat. The manager tried to pull me down, and as I was squirming to stay on the table, I noticed that I’d misread the hat. It actually read ‘I Love Financing’. Thank goodness! I couldn’t stand the thought of anybody loving fishing more than me. Yep, I love fishing more than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.