Cover Up Tattoo


I got a tattoo of my dog last year and I love it! I thought that I’d get another tattoo right next to my dog’s face to really paint a pretty picture of our friendship, but it didn’t really turn out how I imagined. Next to the small, realistic tattoo of my dog, I got a realistic tattoo of myself. It was supposed to represent the fact that we’ll be side by side forever and that we’re best friends. 

The issue is, I don’t like how I look. Is my nose actually that big in real life? Are my eyes misaligned like they are in the realism tattoo on my wrist? Surely not. If the way I look in this tattoo is how I look in real life then I have a serious problem. No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend. It seems like I have a face only a mother could love. I’ve decided that getting my own face tattooed on my body was a really bad move and that I need a cover-up tattoo now. 

I’m not sure how the tattoo artist is going to be able to cover up my face, especially seeing as it’s got so much detail in it. But I’m not the expert so I’m just going to go in and tell her that I regret getting my face tattooed on myself and ask her to cover it up. I assume she’ll be able to figure out something to put next to my dog that completes the picture. If not, I’m in some real trouble.

I wonder what they’ll say at the tattoo shop. In the Brisbane area, residents are quite keen on tattoos. Quite a few of them opted to go back to the one who did their original tattoos in the first place. I mean, the quality of my tattoo is great, I just don’t like my face. Maybe the tattoo artist will put another dog next to my dog and I’ll have to go on a mission to rescue a puppy just like it. That would be nice.