Lack Of Repairs

I never cared about cars until I bought my own. Now I’m obsessed with cars. I envy anyone who has a better car than me and feel beyond smug when I see a car that sucks in comparison to mine. I also hardcore judge people who clearly don’t get their car serviced. It’s embarrassing. Like if you need a car repair then get a bloody car repair! It’s not that hard!

I actually see people every day that clearly haven’t gotten their car serviced in years. If the car is parked, I’ll often pull over and get out my trusty notebook. Then I’ll leave the car owner a not-so-friendly note telling them to get a much-needed car service and be on my way. I’d love to hang around and see the reaction of one of the drivers when they see my note, but I’m too busy driving my perfectly maintained car to stop and wait for people to come back to their cars. I bet you they’re the type of person to drive somewhere and just leave their car in the car park overnight. Those people make me shudder. People need to have more respect for their property. 

Like, I get my car serviced (every year obviously) by this mechanic close to Morayfield, and he says that my car is in the best shape of any car he’s ever seen. I’m not surprised seeing as I vacuum and wash it every day, and I’m on top of all my car repairs. I even get an aircon regas every year, because my car is awesome and it deserves to be treated with respect.

I’ve been thinking, I’m going to start printing out letters that I can just put straight on people’s cars in the area. I’ll print some out tonight and go for a walk around my neighbourhood. I’m going to count how many cars I put letters on… should be interesting.