Different Heating Needs

We have ‘His and Hers’ heaters in our house, one in each living room. My husband and I love each other but we like to spend the majority of our time separately just because we have different interests. More importantly, we also have different body temperatures. I am constantly freezing and need my heater on thirty degrees to be even slightly comfortable. My husband on the other hand prefers a more standard temperature of heating in Sydney, at around twenty-one degrees Celsius.

Obviously, neither of these things would work for the other person. I would be freezing in a room that may as well be twenty degrees and he would be sweating beyond belief in a room of thirty degrees. So it’s best that we just spend the majority of our time apart. At night time I sleep with a weighted blanket that keeps me warm and my husband uses his own sheets. What we’ve figured out works well for us, even if it’s not completely conventional. 

What I’d really like to get installed, central ducted gas heating. Sydney gets cold and I often feel stuck in one room because everywhere else is too cold to spend any time in. But if I got ducted heating my husband and I would probably have to get a divorce. He wouldn’t be able to stand how hot the house was and I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to break up. It would suck though because I love him.

I love the little routine we’ve got going. I love knowing he’s around if I need him but not having to be with him 24/7 is great. So many couples can’t survive without being with their partner for all hours of the day, which I personally think is ridiculous. We’re a great couple that just happens to have different body temperatures and tastes. What’s wrong with that?