Air Conditioning

Friend Is Possessed

I think my friend might be possessed. By what, I’m not exactly sure, but it goes by the name of Garthablog the Twenty-Seventh. Isn’t that the name of the antagonist from the upcoming fantasy series, the Giggle McWiggle Chronicles? I might be remembering it wrong. I haven’t read one of Augustus Bland’s blog posts in …

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Wizard Woes

I never thought I’d need to call for air conditioning repairs, but here I am flicking through a Book of Local Tradies that I conjured with the flick of my wrist. Even though we’re getting toward winter, I still need my aircon working, because it gets really warm underneath my wizard robes, which I’m not …

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No More Cooling

There I sat, completely hidden in the alcoves of MEGACORP’s corporate building when I heard it. Their evil plan. Fortunately, I was able to record it for you to read. Here’s the transcript. “Is everything ready for operation Take Over Planet Earth for Our Llama Overlords? The timing must be perfect. There is absolutely no …

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