Glass Moon

I’ve got news for you all! The moon landing was a trick. The government has been covering up the fact that the moon is made of glass for decades now. And I’m going to prove it, using science.

Let’s start with the basics. Moon has four letters. Two of them are double letters. Glass also has double letters. If we turn ‘o’ and ‘s’ into numbers, corresponding with their place in the alphabet, we get 15 and 19. 19 take 15 is four, just like the number of letters in ‘moon’. That can’t be a coincidence.

Have you ever gotten a quote for stair balustrading? They are generally in the range of zero to infinity dollars. Range has five letters, just like glass. Do you know what stair balustrades are often made of? That’s right. Silicon dioxide.

Silicon dioxide rhymes with carbon dioxide. Humans cannot breathe carbon dioxide. We also cannot breathe sand. Sand has four letters. Are you starting to see the connection here? Everything comes back to that number. Four.

Now, if you want to get the best glass repair near Melbourne, you will have to look. Look also has four letters, but that is just a coincidence. What is not a coincidence, however, is that you can look through glass. It’s almost like it is invisible. And you know what else is invisible sometimes? The moon. It’s all coming together now.

I believe that they sent astronauts to the moon, but they didn’t film it for real. The footage has been altered. The real astronauts, however, had a job to do. They had to repair the glass on the moon since it had been hit by an asteroid and was about to break. That would have revealed the truth. The truth that the moon is made of glass.

I have one final piece of evidence for you. Moon has four letters. We’ve established that this is the magic number. As we know sand also has four letters. Glass is made of sand, therefore, the moon is also made of sand. Stay woke, people.