House Building Competition

Welcome to the first season of My Building Rules! I’m your host, Frank Reynolds, and with me is Thomas Watson. Previously, we wrote the online posts for the Tasmanian Racing Tournament, which were so successful that we have been asked to provide detailed descriptions of this new building competition. I, for one, am very excited to be here. How about you, Tom?

Couldn’t be more excited, Frank. We have some quality builders here today, ready to participate in this challenge. Each of them will have four hours to put together a beautiful house, and prove that they are one of Australia’s best luxury architects. Frank, would you like to tell our readers why this competition isn’t available to be watched?

I sure can—thanks Tom. Essentially, this competition was originally pitched as a television show, but they were given such a poor budget that they couldn’t afford the cameras, or to pay for broadcasting. As internet uploads are completely free, the production costs are minimal. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t just have us make this whole thing up. How would anybody be able to tell?

That’s a good point, Frank. Anyway, let’s meet our contestants. First, we have the owner of one of the best building companies on the Mornington Peninsula: George Darling. Secondly, we have Wesley North, who has absolutely no experience in the building industry. Then, finally, we have the building apprentice, Jack Lancaster. Who do you think is going to win today?

Good question. While it seems that the experienced builder would easily take the cake on this one, we can only hope for an even competition. However, I have absolutely no reason to believe that this will be the case, so I’m backing in George.

I agree. This should be a pretty obvious result. How about we give the folks at home a report on their progress halfway through the day?

Sounds like a plan, Tom.

This has been Frank and Tom, and we’ll catch you again in a few hours.