Driving Accomplishments

My older sister just got her license. I can’t believe it. She single-handedly paid for every single driving lesson she ever had, which would’ve cost her almost $10,000 by the time she got her license last month. She’s only 1.5 years older than me and she’s achieved so much more than I have. I know I sound jealous but I’m genuinely really proud of her. I couldn’t do what she’s done, especially without the support of mum and dad.

Now that I’ve seen her get her license, I’m inspired to get mine too. I don’t have enough money to pay for all my logbook hours, but I’m going to do enough lessons, maybe two every month until I turn twenty-one when I can go for my test without any sort of time requirement. 

I’m also going to start going with my sister when she goes to the mechanic, so that I know exactly what to do once I get my license. I’ll even go with her for something random like car air conditioner repairs, because I know nothing about what that means and I want to learn whilst I have help. 

I’m really disappointed in my parents for never giving us any help or guidance. I could’ve been driving for over a year now, and my brothers could’ve been driving for like seven years or something. I wonder how they feel about my sister getting her license. Would they be jealous? Would they want to go with her to the mechanic and watch her get a brake pad replacement near Adelaide? Are they inspired to start driving now too? I have no idea. I’m obviously inspired because she’s my older sister and I look up to her. I’m not sure how I’d feel if it was my younger sibling who was more successful than me, though. Nonetheless, I am so proud of her!