Mechanical Painting

I went to a mechanic today, but they couldn’t do what I wanted them to. It was pretty frustrating because I’ve been told by the video game Big Steal Car that mechanics can give paint jobs; all you have to do to get a colour change in the game is drive into a mechanic’s garage and wait there for a few seconds. It’s a great way to get the police off your back, because they don’t pay attention to your number plate, just the colour of your car. 

So this morning I went out, looking for a good car mechanic near me to get a sweet new paint job. I was thinking something with blue flames and unicorns, so that everybody knew I was the tough guy of the streets. But when I got to the mechanic they told me that they only fix cars. The workshop owner told me that a good way to remember it is through the Concept Artists album Fixing Cars, which is about the struggles of a Melbourne mechanic. Still, I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t pulling my leg. Video games wouldn’t lie to me, that much I know for sure.

“If you ever need to visit an auto electrician near Underwood, you come right back here,” the mechanic told me before I left. “Fixing cars, we can do that, but unless you want a paint job that looks like a child did it, you should go somewhere else.” 

I thought that was pretty good advice, so I went and found another mechanic who was willing to paint the sides of my car for me. I know that video games don’t ever spread misinformation. If Big Steal Car says a mechanic can give a cool paint job, I’m sure the right one can do it in real life too. I’ve left my vehicle with the artist mechanic overnight, and I’ll go pick it up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see those flaming hot unicorns and show them off to the world!