Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

My husband and I got given a massive leg up in the world thanks to his parents. They bought a property in a fantastic area of Melbourne before it was popular, and passed the property down to my husband when they unfortunately passed away. Whilst that was a tragedy, they truly set their son and our family up for life. Because of them, our children grew up in an upper middle class area, went to good schools and lived in a grand house as we could put all our money into building the house instead of needing to purchase land as well. 

We built the house almost twenty-five years ago now, and it has served us very well. Lately, as my husband and I look into retirement, we have been thinking about renovating some of the house. We’d live in it for thirty or so more years, and then sell it and split the profits between our children. The highest task on my priority list is a kitchen renovation. The way I designed the kitchen twenty-odd years ago was just not as functional as I thought it would be. We bought a new fridge recently and it doesn’t fit in the hole in the cabinetry so we had to put it in the dining room. It just doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve also spoken to my husband about the possibility of consulting a bathroom design service. Melbourne has a housing market that’s extremely competitive, so I think it’s in our best interest to give our bathroom a bit of a face lift while we can. I’d also really like to live in a house with a beautiful, modern bathroom. Maybe I’ve been watching bathroom makeover TV shows for too long now, as I’m simply not satisfied with our bathroom anymore. 

Hopefully my husband is on board with the bathroom renovation. I know that we’ll definitely get our kitchen renovated, so that’s a good start, but maybe we’ll be able to go that step further.