Melbourne’s Real Conveyancers

The world is in a bit of a weird place at the moment, since Australia’s Next Top Office has been cancelled. There we were, as a collective body of people, waiting for episode six of the immensely popular Not Flicks series. It was like the world held its breath to see what happened next. Would the Glass Smashing Bandit win the next challenge and become the clear favourite to win the competition? Would Ms Frankie keep performing just well enough to stay in the top half of the rankings, without drawing attention to herself? I’m part of the ANTO sub-ribbit, and we were all theorising that Ms Frankie is actually an expert in office design, but she was pretending to be mediocre and would then dominate the last few challenges to shock everyone. Now we’ll never know.

I suppose Not Flicks will have to make a new show with mass appeal. Maybe they could do something about property conveyancing? I know it doesn’t sound like the most interesting thing in the world, but let’s be honest, office design sounded pretty weird as well. What made us love it so much was that it was totally unexpected. They made it really interesting and engaging despite being a topic that you’d expect to be boring.

Seriously consider it. I think a conveyancing show would be awesome. You get the best conveyancer for Brighton, the best in Richmond, and another one from Berwick. You get the best conveyancers from all these different suburbs and put them in a competition against each other. They could compete to see who knows a section 32 statement best or who can remember specific sections from the Sale of Land act 1962. Conveyancing is a cut-throat, harsh business where you have to deal with all sorts of trouble on a daily basis. What better job to display to the masses for their binge-watching delight? I certainly can’t think of any better ideas. You could call it “The Real Conveyancers of Melbourne”.

– Wendy