Fantasy Office

I’ve got a great idea for our office’s design, but it’s going to take an almighty pitch. Just picture this: you need to find the best fantasy publisher in Melbourne, so you pick one at random and go to their head office. Inside, you are met with a grand foyer, and you wonder if you’ve gotten the address wrong. You shrug your shoulders and head up the stairs, finding an office decorated like a medieval castle. Suddenly, you know this is the perfect place to publish your fantasy novel. It’s run by people who love the genre and take it seriously. I have to convince the rest of the company that it’s a good idea, then find a Melbourne office design business that has the skills to make my vision a reality.

I think it’s a really cool idea, but when I brought it up in the break-room, it wasn’t too well received. People seem to think we won’t be taken seriously. Others think all of the furniture will be uncomfortable. Middle management thought it would make us the jester of Melbourne. Great office fitouts would make all the difference, though. We could get chairs that look uncomfortable but are actually amazing, dragon statues and suits of armour for decoration. Wouldn’t that be the coolest office you’ve ever heard of?

It would be like all of your favourite movies, television shows, books and video games all joined together to create one epic office space. Imagine that! It could look just like the world from Loudly Shouting: The Game or King of the Bling. You could even have each room feel like its own series. Turn the HR department into the Harold Scarface library, or the Master’s room from Battle for a Metal Chair. The carpark could become the stables! I can’t think of anything cooler than that. Even if others think it’s a bad idea, I’m going to keep pushing for it.