Zebraman’s Office Plan

I’ve got to admit, it’s a brilliant idea to have all the contestants of Australia’s Next Top Office have their own blogs and scatter them along the internet for people to find. It’s like the world’s greatest treasure hunt. I thought our profile pages would be the end of this little experiment but it turns …

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Cubicle Comeback

Now that cubicles are making a comeback, the ‘new’ office is starting to look a bit… well, old. I say new in inverted commas because the makeover was actually done nearly ten years ago. You’d be surprised at how time flies when you haven’t switched up your workplace for more than a decade, and things …

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Fantasy Office

I’ve got a great idea for our office’s design, but it’s going to take an almighty pitch. Just picture this: you need to find the best fantasy publisher in Melbourne, so you pick one at random and go to their head office. Inside, you are met with a grand foyer, and you wonder if you’ve …

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