Growing Virtual Flowers

I’m loving the latest Beast Moving video game, especially now that they’ve added all these new flowers. It’s great to see that the developers understand there’s more than one type of rose, as it seemed upon release. In reality, there are thousands of flowers out there. The base game included only five different species, which is just unrealistic. Beast Moving is a video game series that has always prided itself on accuracy and customisation. So when I saw that there was only the standard ‘rose plant’, I was quite horrified.

Thomas Nick has some serious explaining to do if he thinks he can ship me off to an island somewhere in the pacific without being able to grow all sorts of flowers there. Sure, there’s daisies and lilies and a few others, but what about hybrid tea roses, patio roses and climbing roses? Asking for a ‘rose’ is like walking into a burger chain restaurant and asking for just a burger. You’ve got to be more specific than that.

Ever since the update was released, I’ve been looking for the best hybrid tea roses, but I can’t seem to find any on my island. If anybody has some, I’m willing to trade my giant water slide for them. It’s a rare item that I got by digging deep enough under my island that the video game suddenly gifted me 10,000 Nick Miles. At first, I thought having a giant water slide would be cool. Then the update came out and I realised I’d need more space for all my flowers!

Honestly, I’m actually a little overwhelmed by the amount of flowers in the game now, given that islands are only so big. It’s great that they have so much variety, but I would have been happy with fifty new flowers, not fifty-thousand. There are just so many options, and it takes me hours to scroll through the flower list. I know, beggars can’t be choosers, but it’s a bit much, you know?