Holiday in Hobart

I’m going to Hobart next weekend! My boyfriend’s dad is turning 60 and his parents have paid for his entire family plus partners to go to Hobart together for the weekend. How exciting! They have four children, my boyfriend being the second youngest, and they all have partners. That means his parents are paying for five hotel rooms, and get this, FIVE cars for all of us to get around over the weekend. 

They’ve hired cars for everyone and even made sure that the cars had been checked by a mechanic in the Hobart CBD this week before we arrive. I’m obviously so excited and happy to go on this all-expenses-paid holiday, but I feel kind of bad. This must be costing them an absolute fortune. We’ve all offered to pay our own way, but they said us coming and celebrating my future father in law’s birthday is payment enough. I’m not going to complain of course, but I do feel bad.

Hopefully, none of the cars run into any mechanical issues. Knowing my boyfriend’s parents, they’d probably pay for any car repairs close to Hobart themselves. Some people are seriously just so generous. I’m so lucky to have been included in a family that takes such good care of outsiders. They pretty much accepted me as a part of their family as soon as my boyfriend brought me over for dinner that first time.

I hope that we, and myself especially, can make my boyfriend’s dad’s birthday special. He’s done so much for me over the past few years, that I count him as a second father. I want to make him feel as special as I make my own dad feel.

Going to Hobart is going to be awesome! I’ve been once before but it was just an overnight trip to watch my football team play. I’m looking forward to spending some extra time there.