Missing Metal

Okay, I’m officially freaking out. I own a warehouse in Melbourne where I keep plenty of supplies for the oncoming apocalypse when the aliens invade. Nothing out of the ordinary. But today I went to check on everything, only to find much of it missing. And it wasn’t what you’d expect to be missing either. All the food was there, my cache of weapons, too. All my spare clothes and hazmat suits, sure. You know what was missing? My supply of metal. I had stacks of bolts, nails, metal sheets and even steel tubing. Melbourne residents would have been thanking me when it came time to rebuild the city after its inevitable destruction.

So where the heck has all my metal gone? Even the copper is missing. Who wants anything to do with copper? I only got it because it’s the first level of tool in Terra Area. It just doesn’t make any logical sense, so I’m coming up with an illogical theory about what’s happened here. You see, I think the aliens are onto me. They know I’m preparing for their invasion, so they’re trying to sabotage me. That means I have to double my efforts! I’ll head down to my favourite metal workshop and get them onto advanced steel fabrications. Near Melbourne, I’ll set up a base for people to hide when the aliens come for real. People laugh at me now, but soon enough I’ll be their hero. Wait and see.

What do the aliens want with all my metal? Well, I suppose they’re using it to build their Destruction Cube that travels across the universe, blowing up planets at will. I need to keep my metal safe, otherwise, they’ll keep using it to build their superweapon. If that thing is completed, then no secret base of mine is going to help. Keep watchful, everyone, because there’s a war coming. These aliens are sneaky. They want you to think that I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! You’ll all see!

– Bob.