Friend Is Possessed

I think my friend might be possessed. By what, I’m not exactly sure, but it goes by the name of Garthablog the Twenty-Seventh. Isn’t that the name of the antagonist from the upcoming fantasy series, the Giggle McWiggle Chronicles? I might be remembering it wrong. I haven’t read one of Augustus Bland’s blog posts in a while. Anyway, so this “Garthablog” seems to have conquered my friend’s mind. George keeps saying strange things about how he “likes it cold” and wants to move to Canada, where there’s always snow. We live in Canberra, which is pretty close, if only in how they sound.

Given that Garthablog doesn’t want to be warm, I’m coming up with a plan to exorcise him from George’s body. My house has a ducted heating system. Canberra homes generally do, as I understand it. I’m going to invite George over on a cold day in winter, and he’ll expect my house to be freezing. We’ll play some video games and watch a movie, and during it, I’ll slowly increase the temperature in the house. Garthablog, whatever it is, will be like a frog in warming water. He won’t realise he’s in trouble until it’s too late.

I suppose the only flaw in my plan is that my heating system is quite unreliable. Perhaps it’s time I find a business which offers heating services & repairs within Canberra. If they fix my ducted heating, I should be all set for this plan. Don’t worry, buddy, I’ll make sure this strange creature can’t possess you anymore!

Why is it such a big deal that I get rid of Garthablog? Well, the thing is, he’s really really good at Brash Meme Racing. That’s how I know George must be possessed. I used to win BMR races every time he came over. It was my favourite video game to beat him in. But for the last couple of weeks, he’s been freakishly good at it. When I asked how George simply said that Garthablog had helped him. Well, I intend to put a stop to that!