Painting Outside

I think it’s time that Bret and Jemaine asked their landlord if they can paint the outside of their apartment building. I get that they may be a little uncomfortable with that, but I think the drab grey colour is really draining their creativity. It’s hard enough living in Melbourne as a couple of New Zealanders, and it’s made even harder with that horrible lack of colour they are confronted with when they go home after a gig. I think that hiring an exterior painter near Melbourne would really help them.

At the New Zealand Consulate, we recently got painting done on our exterior walls. The building looks so much nicer now. People come here expecting professional help and advice, and they get it. Before, they thought they were going to get mugged or something. Thankfully, since the outside of the building is technically not legally part of New Zealand, I was able to pay the painters properly, without any issues. We can’t get the interior painting done, though, as I’d have to pay them in New Zealand dollars.

Bret and Jemaine think I’m crazy, that I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I’m their band manager. If I think they should get residential painting services, they should listen to me! I’m a bit sick of not being taken seriously. Just imagine playing a gig late at night, rocking the house down, as the saying goes. Would you rather see a boring, draining grey building in the streetlights? Or would you rather see a bright and happy green building? I think I’d rather have the second option.

But I suppose if Bret and Jemaine don’t want to become a successful band, taking Australia by storm, that’s their choice. What do I know? I’m just a band manager. Besides, I still have my job at the consulate. I don’t need the band money. I just do it for passion. So if they want to ignore my good advice, Bret and Jemaine can go stuff themselves!