Visiting Dr Comfort

Today I’m visiting Dr Comfort! He’s very busy, so it’s been quite difficult to get an appointment, but I hear he’s the best around. I have a few foot issues that I’d like to discuss because they’ve been bothering me for a while now. I’ll update this post once my appointment is over, to let my faithful readers know how it went.

Update: That was the strangest doctor’s appointment I’ve ever been to. I went something like this.

After being in the waiting room for a few minutes, the doctor came and brought me to his office. “I’m so glad to finally meet you,” I said, sitting down. “I’ve had all these problems with my feet lately. Itchiness, sores, you name it. Dr Comfort, footwear of all kinds really bother me.”

“I get a lot of people like you in my office,” Dr Comfort said. “Now, your foot isn’t broken or sprained, is it?”

I shook my head. Most of the issues were indeed external. Dr Comfort sighed. “You know, you really would be better off going to a podiatrist. There are some good podiatrists near Cheltenham you could visit. There’s really not a whole lot I can do.”

“But you’re Dr Comfort, the best foot expert in Australia! What can they offer me that you can’t?”

“Ah,” Dr Comfort said with a sigh. “No, I am Dr Conform. When people read it quickly, sometimes they see ‘comfort’. I suspected that might be the case here. I am no expert in foot care, not at all. As I said, you’d get more help at a real podiatrist.”

I felt a bit silly about that. So, I guess I’ll be booking another appointment tomorrow. It’s a shame, because I really wanted a solution today. Oh well, I guess there’s a lesson to be learned out of this: don’t speed read something as important is information for a doctor’s appointment.