Embarrassing Car Service

There’s nothing better than Friday afternoon. The office is buzzing with talks of weekend plans, people are getting restless looking at the clock and the drinks start flowing at 4pm. With the weekend on the horizon, everyone is in a good mood. It’s pretty elite.

This Friday started out great, just like all the others. It was when I was on my way home that things started turning pear-shaped. I left work at 5pm because I was excited for the weekend, only for my car not to start in the car park. I had to shamelessly sit in the car park for over an hour waiting for a car service. Midland isn’t that big a place and so it felt like every man and his dog drove past me whilst I was looking like a fool. 

It was especially embarrassing because I was pretty much caught by all my co-workers leaving early. I know 5pm isn’t early, but the majority of my co-workers stay back late to keep working. I’ve never enjoyed doing that, but I do it during the week so that I can leave as soon as the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday. Well, that backfired on me today.

I got so many death stares from my slightly tipsy co-workers whilst I waited for my alternator repair. It was the complete opposite to the good vibes of my Friday afternoon just a couple of hours before. But at least now that I’m home I can enjoy my weekend. I do wish that this was my position three hours ago, but I guess I’ll just have to stay up later tonight to make up for my lost time. 

I’m glad that my car is fixed now. I assume that I won’t have to deal with anything like this again for at least another couple of years, which is a relief because I want to be out of the office at 4:59pm next week.