Plumbing DIY Disaster

I learnt a hard lesson last week. What was that lesson, you may ask? The lesson was to absolutely never attempt to fix your own plumbing. It ends in a disgusting mess. I can still smell the remnants of my family’s business, which is something that I desperately hope to forget sometime soon.

For those of you who aren’t convinced and think you can do your own plumbing, despite having absolutely no experience like myself, I’m going to recount the story of what happened. Here is your warning, stop reading here if you’re squeamish. 

It all began last week when our toilet clogged. I didn’t want to pay for a plumber so I went and purchased plumbing supplies near Cheltenham. This seemed like an easy solution, and seriously how hard could it be to unclog a toilet? Asking myself this question was my first regret. If you ever find yourself asking the same question, the answer is it is hard and to get a plumber. 

I felt very confident when I was at the hardware store. Around Bayside, where I live, there are quite a lot of manly-man types, and I felt like I was one of them as I strolled through the store. I was about to save myself hundreds of dollars and be the hero of my family. It was a good feeling. The good feeling ended there.

Once I got home I was confronted by a smell that almost knocked me out. It wasn’t as bad when the toilet lid was closed, but wow as soon as I opened it I wanted to vomit. I spent about twenty minutes plunging up and down trying to dislodge the clog. It didn’t dislodge, but instead sprayed excrement all over the walls and all over myself. It was an absolute nightmare. At the thirty minute mark I had to retreat. I ran to the shower. I refuse to go into that toilet again until a plumber has fixed it. I feel ill.