This Is Expensive

Owning a car has become so expensive recently. It’s been growing in price over the past few years, but increased to a ridiculous, unsustainable, unfair amount over the past two weeks. I’ve basically been driving around the whole city trying to find a petrol station that’s offering unleaded for less than two dollars. And not a single one is! At least, none that I’ve found. I remember only a year or so ago you could get petrol for just a little bit more than a dollar per litre. It’s crazy how the prices of things can change over time.

Another upcoming expense of mine is that I have to take my car to this mechanic shop Northcote has, for a regular service. Hopefully, it’s more affordable than petrol, although I’m not holding out much hope as I know inflation tends to have flow-on effects throughout the entire economy. I’ve been to this mechanic before, and it’s staffed by a team of friendly professionals. I really love going there, as they are transparent about their services and all the costs and they won’t do any work until they tell you all about it first. Like, last time I went there, I had booked a basic logbook service, but I ended up needing a full transmission service.

Apparently, when they inspected my car they noticed some issues with the transmission system and had to end up doing a whole fluid replacement. My own fault, I think, since I don’t get my car serviced regularly enough to prevent major mechanical issues like these from occurring in the first place. Anyway, I’m going to fill up my petrol with the literal least amount that I need to drive to work and complete all my errands, and then I’m going to avoid spending money for the next like, four hundred years. It’s actually getting ridiculous. I need to be more frugal.