Urgent Grout Repair

So my monthly pay came through last night! This is the first time in over a month that I’ve had any spending money, and I’ve put some into my savings too to help fill the hole that my unexpected expenses left behind. Not only does this mean that I can start doing fun things with my friends again, but I can also get a shower grout repair and get the floor tiles fixed. I’ve been straddling the massive hole in my floor for two weeks now, and it’s been a nightmare. I had no other choice but to put up with it, but now that I have money, it’s the first thing that I’m going to spend it on.

I wonder what the bathroom renovator is going to think about the damage. It seriously looks like a bomb went off in the shower. I never thought it was possible for tiles to behave this way, mostly because I thought there was concrete underneath them, but apparently there wasn’t. I’ll probably have to issue a health and safety warning before the bathroom renovators enter my house, just because of how serious the damage is.

I’m imagining the renovator coming into the bathroom and looking down at the floor of the shower and then just falling in. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s only a thin layer of dirt below the tiles. Imagine thinking that the renovator was coming in to do bathroom renovations in Melbourne and then they fall down a hole and end up in the middle of the Earth. I truly am worried about that happening.

Okay. I’ve spoken to the bathroom renovators and explained what happened. Apparently, these things happen once the house gets old because of the wear and tear that the grout goes through. They assured me that they would have seen showers in a much worse state than mine is in, and that the job is very doable. We’ll see, I guess.