Driving Around Australia

I’m gearing up to beat the world record for the shortest amount of time that it’s taken someone to drive around Australia. As it stands, the record is 5 days, 13 hours and 43 minutes and I’m in a better position than anyone to be able to beat it. 

I’ve only taken a week and a half off work, with the idea that I’d have a couple of days to recover once I beat the record, so I really have no choice but to do it in the fastest time ever. I’m ready and I’m excited, I just can’t wait to hit the road.

Now when I say I’m ready, I’m not exaggerating. I’m starting my Australia-wide trip from my house in Brighton, Melbourne which isn’t known for its rough terrain or harsh driving conditions. That’s why I had to get my car ready. I’ve spent the last six months working with a Brighton car mechanic who has completely decked my car out. When I approached him six months ago and told him what I was planning to do, he was extremely excited. He fully believed in my mission which got me even more pumped, and we’ve made some seriously epic alterations to my car ever since.

He did so much to my car that I can’t even describe it all in one blog post, but I’ll start you off with something awesome – a full-service tyre replacement. Brighton cars aren’t built for the terrain I’m going to face and so my mechanic replaced all my tyres. The tyres he put on my car are stronger, bigger and all-around better, and they make my car look super cool. 

He also spent a solid couple of months repairing parts in my car that I had never even heard of, but everything he did helped to improve my car tenfold.

I’ll fill you in on all the technicalities and intricacies of what he did in my next post.