Zebraman’s Office Plan

I’ve got to admit, it’s a brilliant idea to have all the contestants of Australia’s Next Top Office have their own blogs and scatter them along the internet for people to find. It’s like the world’s greatest treasure hunt. I thought our profile pages would be the end of this little experiment but it turns out we’ll be doing it throughout the entire competition. I’m excited!

People worked out the code word within something like two hours, so Not Flicks will have to be smarter with these blog posts. But that’s right, we’re heading to Sweden, a little town just outside of the greater Melbourne area. You won’t find it on a map, because this town has been created purely for the purpose of this streaming show. You didn’t actually think we were going to Sweden in Europe, did you? This is an Australian show. We definitely don’t have the budget for that.

So, how am I, Jack Zebraman (you’ve probably heard of me because I’m very famous) going to win this competition? I think I have an advantage that nobody else has thought of. I’m going to create the next top office by including window tinting. When the judges see that my windows are nice and dark, perfect for a business that values privacy, I’ll be taking home the bragging rights. Because that’s all we’re competing for, apparently. That and Danielle Redcliff’s girlfriend.

I had the idea to do window tinting when I was driving through the streets of Melbourne and I saw a billboard that advertised a short window tinting course. I started thinking, ‘Hey, I’m a famous television star. How hard could it be to do the best office window tinting for Melbourne buildings? That would be a great competitive edge.’ So I enrolled and graduated with my Certificate I in Window Tinting within a week. 

The rest of the competition had better watch out because they’ll need something pretty special to beat my window tinting idea. I’m looking forward to seeing their pitiful attempts.

– Jack Zebraman