Future Plans Ruined

Well, this kind of sucks. I had all these big plans for how my life was going to go, but with the latest developments in the world, I don’t think that’s going to work out. It’s just disappointing, you know? I’m currently in grade ten at school and I had everything planned out. It’s the way I’ve always been. Before I started high school, I already had all my future classes selected and everything.

I was going to study marine biology for as long as I could, then switch to a trade. I’ve always loved boats and fish, so I figured I’d learn how to do marine welding. That would allow me to talk to people who have similar interests to me every day. I can’t think of a job I would have liked more. And because of my marine biology knowledge, I’d be even better at it, knowing how fish work and all that.

Now my plan is pretty much gone. I followed the Parking Lot Cup pretty closely over the last few days, and I’m heartbroken to have learned that our planet is doomed. Magnus Opus perished beneath the lava of the race track and Nitrous Dioxide won, which means he owns Earth and can use it as his intergalactic parking lot. That’s going to affect my chances of a life of snapper rack welding, Melbourne being decimated and all.  More likely I’ll be working the rest of my life as an attendant, parking alien spaceships for them. That sounds like so much fun. And yes, that was sarcasm. It doesn’t sound fun at all.

None of my classmates are worried about the alien takeover that is bound to happen any day now. They say that maybe it won’t be so bad, hosting an alien parking lot. Maybe we won’t even notice. I think that’s ridiculous. Life is over and there’s no point in trying anymore. I’m not even going to study for my science test tomorrow.

– Jim