Friendly Tyre Repair

My friends is so dumb. He made a bet that we wouldn’t be able to drink any beer on our night out last weekend. It’s like he forgot that other alcohol exists… which is something that I’d never forget. Even his actual bet was dumb. It favoured the four of us so much more than it favoured him. We’d just have to split the cost of his car repairs. Moorabbin has a good mechanic that we’ve all been to so at least we know where to get the repairs done properly. Between the four of us, it’d cost us like $50 each if we lost the bet. That’s chump change, especially compared to the amount of money my friends and I spend on a night out. But the bet for him was way worse. Yeah, he doesn’t have to pay any money for our car services, but he also has to take all our cars in for services or repairs all year round. That’s four different cars on different servicing schedules that he’s now responsible for. Seriously dumb move by our friend Dave, but I don’t feel bad for taking advantage of it. You’ve got to know the value of your bet before you put it on or it’s your own fault if it backfires.

I think I might tell Dave to take my car in for a tyre repair in the Moorabbin area next week. My tyres probably are on their last legs and now that I don’t have to worry about getting my car to and from the mechanic – it’ll be easy for me to get it done. My car will also need to be serviced in six months and I’m looking forward to not having to take it in myself. 

I hope Dave tries to make up for his failed bet by coming up with another one. He’s a pretty proud bloke and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was angry about his mistake here. He’ll be wanting to level the playing field, I reckon.