New Queanbeyan Mechanic

Now that I’ve moved out of home, I have to start finding things in my local area. I don’t really know the right term for what I’m saying, but I mean I need to find a new doctor, pharmacist, nail salon and mechanic around the Queanbeyan area so that I can be properly settled in.

Although I love all those people from my old area, it will be a bit of a mission to go back to them every few weeks when I need something. Obviously, I won’t need a car service every week so I guess I could just keep visiting my old mechanic, but it would just be easier to drop my car off near my house rather than have to drive thirty-odd minutes to just drop off my car and then be stranded near my old area all day. 

I guess I could kill two birds with one stone and visit my family after I go to the doctor or pick up my meds or get my nails done, and I could certainly spend the entire day with them when I drop my car off for a service. So maybe I don’t need to find the Queanbeyan equivalent of all those important people. Who knows? 

Now that I’ve moved to Queanbeyan, I need to get an official vehicle safety inspection close to Queanbeyan to prove that my car is roadworthy. I can’t do that where I used to live because then the roadworthy certificate won’t be recognised in Queanbeyan, so this is a good opportunity for me to suss out the local mechanics near me and see if any of them are going to be right for my car.

Surely all mechanics are pretty much the same and if you trust one then you trust all of them? I’m not too sure, but it doesn’t seem like much could go wrong. Anyway, signing off!